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MCTSSA takes 3rd in Small Team Rifle Competition
Sgt Houseman wins silver & bronze in pistol & rifle

MCTSSA won third in the small unit, team rifle competition among the 63-shooting teams that competed in the 2013 Western Division Matches at Camp Pendleton’s Wilcox Range from February 25 to March 8.

In stiff competitions involving more than 300 shooters from west of the Mississippi, Sgt Jesse Houseman, an Operating Forces Support systems analyst, also won silver and bronze medals in pistol and rifle shooting matches, respectively, at distances that varied from 200 to 500 yards.

“It was humbling,” says Houseman. “I came from Okinawa where the scores are generally lower because of the smaller pool that they can draw talent from…a medal over there is a lot easier; here it was very hard… lot of good shooters out there.


Hundreds of Marines line-up during the 2013 Western Division Matches held at Wilcox Range aboard Camp Pendleton, Calif., February. 26, 2013. The matches pit the best shooters across the Marine Corps against one another using the M-16/M-4 service rifles and the M-9 service pistol.  Insert: Brigadier General Coglianese, Marine Corps Installations West Commander, congratulates MCTSSA’s Sgt Jesse Houseman for winning the silver medal in the pistol competition and the bronze in the rifle.

“It was an exciting competition,” say Major Blocker, MCTSSA’s chief domain engineer for tactical networks. “It was the culmination of two weeks of shooting every day—learning and improving techniques. Sgt Houseman filled the secondary role as coach, and he did a great job of providing mid-fire directions, helping bring shots of other team members into the black. Everyday I saw the scores of every member go up. Third place in the small unit competition is just the culmination of a lot of practice and hard work.”

“The Marines give up two weeks to improve their marksmanship here at the matches,” Chief Warrant Officer 4 Cecil Beltran, the marksmanship training branch officer at Pendleton. “The intent is to have them pass what they’ve learned here on to their fellow Marines.”

Division Matches are more than a competition; they also serve as a way for participating Marines to fulfill their annual rifle qualification requirements.