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LtCol Robert O. Bailey
Amphibious Vehicle Test Branch


Major Ian K. McDuffie
Deputy Director
Amphibious Vehicle Test Branch


MSgt Michael R. Chouinard
Amphibious Vehicle Test Branch

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Amphibious Vehicle Test Branch

Box 555217, Building #210536    

Camp Pendleton, CA 92055 
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Amphibious Vehicle Test Branch
Box 555217, Building #210536  
Camp Pendleton, CA 92055
Operations Officer
(760) 763-4428

Asst. Operations Officer
(760) 763-4360

Operations Chief
(760) 763-1897

Project Supervisor
(760) 763-4743

Test Team Leader
(760) 763-2088

Boat Support
(760) 763-4429

The Amphibious Vehicle Test Branch (AVTB) Mission is to plan, execute, analyze, and report developmental and integrated test and evaluation events in order to characterize the performance of amphibious and ground combat vehicle systems, and enable informed acquisition decisions.


Since its inception, AVTB has been at the forefront of amphibious vehicle testing. AVTB was originally formed as a test platoon from 3rd Assault Amphibian Tractor Battalion. It grew quickly following “The Battle of Tarawa” and in the wake of increasing use of amphibious vehicles for assaults against fortified beachheads throughout the pacific campaign.  AVTB was charged with conducting LVT-3 tests to in order to address shortfalls identified on the LVT 1 and 2 during the attack on Betio Island. AVTB continued testing of the LVT 3 in support of the Island Hopping Campaign in the pacific and throughout the remainder of WWII.

Following WWII, AVTB cemented its role as the leading amphibious test center for all the Marine Corps’ amphibious platforms and has continued to provide that capability throughout the generational evolution of the Assault Amphibious Vehicle. The current AAV was originally developed in 1972, designated the LVTP-7 and underwent rigorous testing by AVTB. AVTB has been the focal point for all generational upgrades of the LVTP-7, now AAVP-7 RAM/RS. AVTB was the primary test center for developmental testing of the Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle through January 2012.

From LVT to ACV, AVTB has been, and continues to be the US Military’s only test center specializing in the test, evaluation and development of the Marine Corps’ present and future amphibious combat platforms.

The Operations Section provides the personnel, equipment, and resources necessary to safely execute developmental and operational testing of amphibious vehicles in order to provide timely and accurate information to decision-makers regarding the platform under test.


The Maintenance Section provides direct support maintenance and recovery for appropriate organic equipment in order to support test requirements. Provide general support maintenance capability for fielded and test platforms.


The communications section provides communications equipment, maintenance, security, spectrum management, and subject matter expertise in order to enable testing of amphibious and combat vehicles and their associated communications systems.


The Electronics and Metrology Lab provides accurate and timely test data in support of the development and acquisition of amphibious vehicles.


Logistics Section provides logistics support to the Amphibious Vehicle Test Branch in the area of procurement, transportation, hazardous material control, facilities coordination, disposal, and storage in order to complete mission objectives and goals of AVTB.


The Engineering Section provides technical expertise in the test design, test execution, analysis, and evaluation of USMC vehicles and their associated systems.

Information Technology

The Information Technology section is responsible for the network engineering, administration, and information assurance of the local area network to support the information technology requirements of AVTB.

Finance Office
The Finance Office provides guidance and expertise to AVTB's management and staff to support operations regarding all financial matters. Standard operating procedures are established and maintained for the preparation, recording, reconciliation, reporting and maintenance of all lines of accountings through their appropriated life cycles. Financial procedures, regulatory requirements and budgetary support processes are monitored and executed within to effectively and efficiently support AVTB's organizational mission each fiscal year.

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