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The International Programs office at Marine Corps Systems Command plans, coordinates, implements and executes all Marine Corps-related Security Cooperation acquisition and logistics matters. We provide military assistance to friendly foreign governments through the sale of defense articles and services, international agreements and cooperation, comparative testing programs, disclosure of classified information requests, technology transfer, and the development of procedures, instructions and technical data packages.

International Programs evolved under a tradition of cooperation between the United States and other sovereign nations with similar values and interests in order to meet common defense goals. It consists of a group of programs authorized by the U.S. Foreign Assistance Act and the Arms Export Control Act, and related statutes by which the U.S. provides defense articles and services in furtherance of national policies and objectives.


The International Programs Directorate serves as advisor to the Commander, Marine Corps Systems Command (MCSC), on all Marine Corps international programs and executes all Security Cooperation (SC) programs effectively and efficiently while meeting foreign and domestic warfighter needs.


Key Programs

» Foreign Military Sales (FMS)
» International Cooperative Program

The Foreign Military Sales Division is divided into four teams supporting Marine Corps equipment sales; AFRICOM/EUCOM/BPC, PACOM/NORTHCOM/SOUTHCOM, CENTCOM, and Integrated Support. Each team is responsible for developing FMS cases designed to provide for a “Total Package Approach” which will allow the FMS customer to deploy, operate, maintain, and employ the platform or system for its entire service life, and thus ensure maximum customer capability in the theatre of operation.

The International Cooperative Programs (ICP) Division is comprised of five distinct teams, Agreements and Cooperation (A&C), Cooperative Testing Programs (CTP), Foreign Disclosure (FD), Export Control (EC),  and Strategic Engagement (SE).

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