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Foreign Travel Procedures

All Command military and DoD civilian personnel going on official or personal leave shall notify the Command Physical Security/Antiterrorism (PS/AT) team no less than 2 weeks prior their departure date.  Command contractor personnel shall also report official travel the PS/AT team within the same timeline. Command contractor personnel conducting personal leave must report the information to their respective Facility Security Officer (FSO) for awareness and any required briefing. Foreign travel shall be reported as follows:


  • Ensure your AT Level 1 training is up-to-date for the current fiscal year.
  • Watch the 10 minute video 'Expect the Unexpected'. The video is under the "Resources" tab below and can be downloaded for future reference.
  • Fill out the Notification of Foreign Travel Form and send it via encrypted email to the PS/AT team at mcsc_physicalsecurity@usmc.mil.

  • When the traveler submits the foreign travel form to the PS/AT team, the traveler must also provide a statement to declare that they have viewed the travel video and completed the AT Level 1 training requirements.
  • Once the Notification of Foreign Travel Form is received by the PS/AT team, it will be reviewed for completion, accuracy, and identification. The reviewing PS/AT team member will respond with any country/theatre-specific requirements and/or information of relevance.

NOTE: Personnel briefed in Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI) shall initiate reporting their foreign travel through the Special Security Officer for any additional special instructions.


For any additional information regarding foreign travel reporting call 703-432-3960 or x4158.

Expect the Unexpected

Expect the Unexpected: Defensive Tactics for a Safe Trip Abroad
Mandatory training video for Marine Corps Systems Command personnel traveling abroad.
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