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OCONUS Travel Procedures
OCONUS Travel Procedures for MARCORSYSCOM personnel only.

OCONUS Travel Procedures

All Command military, civilian, and contractor personnel going on official or personal OCONUS travel will submit an OCONUS Travel Notification Form via VIPER at least two weeks prior to your departure date. Command contractor personnel conducting personal OCONUS travel must report the information to their respective Facility Security Officer (FSO) for awareness and any required briefing. 

OCONUS travel shall be reported as follows:

  • Ensure your AT Level 1 Training is up-to-date for the current fiscal year.

  • Watch the 10 minute video Expect the Unexpected which can be downloaded below for future reference.

  • Fill out the OCONUS Travel Notification Form via VIPER.  

    • **For those who do not possess a CAC card, email the G3 Ops Cell at for the OCONUS Travel Notification form. You will return the completed form to along with a statement that you have viewed the travel video and completed the AT Level 1 Training requirements.

  • When the traveler submits the OCONUS Travel Notification Form to the G3 Ops Cell, the traveler must also provide a statement to declare that they have viewed the travel video and completed the AT Level 1 Training requirements.

  • Once the OCONUS Travel Notification has been processed, the traveler will receive a country specific travel brief, important travel documents and a debrief form. Upon return from OCONUS travel, the traveler will access their original OCONUS form record, edit it and complete and add their DEBRIEF form.

NOTE: Personnel briefed in Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI) will receive special instructions from the Special Security Officer.

For any additional information regarding OCONUS travel and reporting requirements, please contact the MCSC ATO at 703-432-3438.

Marine Corps Systems Command