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Medium and Heavy Tactical Vehicles
PM Medium and Heavy Tactical Vehicles expertly manages the acquisition and life-cycle sustainment of Medium and Heavy Tactical Vehicle Systems in a rapid, decisive manner to support the Fleet Marine Force.





Medium Tactical Vehicles

Medium Tactical Vehicle Replacement (MTVR) Fleet

The MTVR replaced Vietnam-era, 5-ton trucks with state-of-the-art commercial automotive technology. The MTVR has an increased payload of 7.1 tons off-road and 15 tons on-road. There are several variants of the MTVR for different missions. More than 1,000 MTVRs saw service in Iraq and Afghanistan and this platform has been heavily used in contingency operations as well as missions supporting humanitarian operations.

Mine-Resistant Ambush-Protected All-Terrain Vehicle (M-ATV)

The M-ATV 4x4 provides Marines with protected transport capable of traversing various terrains. It enables small unit combat operations in complex and highly restricted rural, mountainous and urban environments. The M-ATV is used for mounted patrols, reconnaissance, security operations, casualty evacuation support, and command and control functions, giving Marines the tactical edge throughout every operation.


M353 3.5-Ton General Purpose Trailer Chassis: The M353 trailer chassis is a single axle, 2-wheel, heavy-duty chassis designed to haul general payloads of up to 7,000 lbs.  It is used to integrate with equipment such as generators, air compressors or welders. 

MK38 HIMARS Re-supply Trailer: The HIMARS MK38 Resupply Trailer provides the HIMARS Launcher Vehicle a resupply of Multiple Launch Rocket Family of Munitions (MFOM) to support Marine Air Ground Task Forces in sustained operations ashore.

MK593 6-Ton Cargo Trailer: The MTVR Trailer is designed to augment the payload and complement the capabilities of the MTVR series of tactical vehicles. The trailer is a modular design capable of hauling break bulk cargo, generators, QUADCON, SIXCON, and engineering equipment. The trailer is designed to operate in extreme conditions and temperatures ranging from desert to arctic, supporting the MTVR mission profile.

M149 400-Gallon Trailer Tank: The M149A2 is a 400-gallon legacy water tank with a mission to transport potable and non-potable water on road and cross-country.  This trailer is insulated, constructed of double stainless steel walls, and is capable of providing heated water when used with the standard M67 immersion heater. This trailer can be towed by the MTVR Family of Vehicles.

Heavy Tactical Vehicles

Logistics Vehicle System Replacement (LVSR)

The LVSR is a technologically advanced, versatile platform capable of performing multiple logistics mission profiles. Critical to mission success, the LVSR enables Marines to move equipment and supplies to wherever the mission calls. All variants are capable of supporting machine gun turrets providing security, and provide heavy equipment logistic support up to 30 tons.

Mine-Resistant Ambush-Protected (MRAP) Fleet

MRAPs are heavily-armored vehicles that provide protected mobility from improvised explosive devices (IEDs), small arms fire, and other explosive threats. The MRAP family of vehicles is comprised of three variants: the M-ATV, the Cougar, and the Buffalo.

Buffalo: The Buffalo provides Marines with route clearance capabilities and protection against anti-personnel and anti-tank mines. Equipped with a digging claw and video camera, the Buffalo's extendable arm finds and uncovers concealed IEDs with precision and standoff blast protection. It accommodates six Marines and associated countermine mission equipment.

Cougar: The Cougar reduces Marine casualties and increases survivability from mine explosions, IEDs and medium caliber weapons. The Cougar's enhanced suspension supports small units in combat operations--both urban and confined, reconnaissance missions, and command and control operations.

​P-19R Firefighting Truck

The P-19R is the principal firefighting and crash response vehicle for the Marine Corps. The P-19R is equipped with fire suppression compounds, extinguishing agents, handheld extinguishers and specialized rescue tools. Marine Corps firefighters use the P-19R to extinguish aircraft fires, protect rescue personnel, cool explosive ordnance, extract aircrew and other fire-executing missions.


AMK970 5000-Gallon Semitrailer Refueler: The MK970 is a military-adapted commercial semi-trailer fuel tanker with a capacity of 5,000 gallons, plus three-percent capacity for expansion of the fuel. The tankers are capable of aviation refueling / defueling and ground vehicle refueling. The MK970 is used to transport fuel over primary, secondary unimproved roads and cross-country, and to provide filtered aviation and automotive fuel dispensing capability.

M870AE1 50-Ton Semitrailer and M870A2-S 40-Ton Semitrailer: The M870AE1 and M870A2-S Medium Heavy Equipment Transporters are capable of line-haul transport of equipment weighing up to 50 and 40 tons, respectively, on improved road surfaces.

M1076 and M1077 Flatrack Palletized Load System: Both the PLS-T M1076 and M1077 flatracks carry a flatrack payload of up to 33,000 lbs. The flatrack is loaded and unloaded using the truck Load Handling System (LHS). The PLS-T is transported by the LVSR cargo variant.

Flatrack Refueling Capability (FRC): The FRC is a self-contained refueling system consisting of a 2500-gallon tank, an on-board pump, a filter assembly, required hoses and equipment. The FRC will be transported by the LVSR cargo variant.