MCTSSA Test and Certification Division

The Test and Certification Division (TCD) provides a diverse spectrum of support that includes the full gamut of systems engineering and test support across a program’s acquisition lifecycle. MCTSSA is on the leading edge of system of systems testing and plays a vital part in the certification of system of systems capabilities. In addition, TCD provides the subject matter expertise in leading and representing the Marine Corps in joint standards interoperability certification.

The vision of TCD is to be the Marine Corps’ Center of Excellence for Developmental Testing and to provide expert level technical support of Command, Control, Communications, Computers (C4) programs throughout their acquisition lifecycle as a premier testing and engineering activity. This support will focus primarily on test and evaluation, certification of systems, and system of systems interoperability testing to provide acquisition decision makers timely, relevant, and accurate information necessary to aid in the decision making process. In addition, TCD will continue to lead and represent the Marine Corps in joint interoperability standards and certification.

The Test & Certification Division (TCD) is comprised of the Director’s Office and five branches. The branches include the Certification and QA Branch, Product Test Branch, USMC Programs Branch, Interoperability Branch (IOB), and Next-Generation Enterprise (NGEN) Branch.

The Director’s Office includes the Director, the Deputy Director, and the Deputy Director for Operational Resources, the branch heads, the Senior Principal Engineer, the Program Analyst, and the Office Automation Assistant.

The Certification and QA Branch provides Quality Assurance support and joint and MAGTF certification testing. The Quality Assurance Engineer applies systems engineering principles combined with technical writing skills for the detailed review of technical test and engineering documentation related primarily to USMC tactical C4 systems in order to ensure technical accuracy, content completeness, and standards compliance. The joint and MAGTF certification testing’s primary focus is to oversee the development of test "campaigns" to ensure support of long term dynamic programs and to monitor systems and systems of systems type programs to determine whether they fit into the branch mission.

The Product Test Branch manages and directs the resources necessary to accomplish all phases of a test event; planning, execution, data analysis, and reporting. Product Test Branch personnel coordinate effectively with the customer’s technical and management personnel to determine the test/event requirements and objectives, define or derive a testable set of objectives and acceptance criteria that will demonstrate attainment of the customer objectives, and develop a test plan identifying the resources, funding, schedule, and test cases required to achieve the test objectives, evaluating incoming work, assigning personnel to projects, providing direction, and coordinating branch activities.

Summary of Capabilities:

  • Reduce risk to acquisition programs by identifying performance issues of C4I systems.

  • Perform systems test planning, coordination, validation and verification. To generate and review test documentation

  • Conduct tests, post-test analysis, and test report preparation.

  • Develop, review, and implement test procedures for all levels of test and evaluation.

  • Schedule, operate and coordinate the use of test facilities, nodes, test systems, test equipment and other test assets IAW test plans to support scheduled C4I test events.

  • Archive test information via CM library.

  • Participate in Configuration Control Boards/Technology Review Boards

  • Provide Test information to PESD for Test Readiness Reviews.

  • Maintain Joint Interoperability Test (JIT) scorecard

  • Evaluate engineering change proposals (ECPs), Problem /Change Requests (PCRs)

  • Virtualize the IT infrastructures aboard MCTSSA to gain the benefits of virtual environments to include, but not limited to, reduced acquisition costs, reduced total costs of ownership, and increased flexibility

  • Investigate emerging virtualization technologies for the purpose of integrating such technologies into current and future Programs of Record

The Programs Support Branch (PSB) provides technical support providing programmatic, engineering, and test management for MAGTF Command & Control Weapons & Sensors Development & Integration (MC2I) systems during their entire acquisition life cycles. PSB also supports and JUICE/DICE certification events. The Program Support Officer (PSO) serves as the customer’s single point of entry to all MCTSSA services. Once a program or project is accepted by the command, and a PSO is assigned, that PSO provides interface with the customer, and coordinates MCTSSA support for all the customer’s needs. On occasion, MCTSSA can represent MCSC program managers in roles such as government test lead.

The Interoperability Branch (IOB) provides subject matter experts that work together with information exchange requirements to develop and test interoperability standards for implementation in C2 systems. These standards are used to exchange tactical data/information providing tactical units and operational commanders an integrated view of the battlefield. JINTACCS personnel represent the Marine Corps in Joint and Coalition working groups and boards to configuration manage tactical data exchange standards and manage USMC participation in the JIT program. In addition, IOB manages the Marine Corps Network Design Facility (NDF) which develops, tests, and fields JTIDS networks for use by Air Command and Control systems and aircraft in Joint and Coalition operations and exercises.

The Next Generation Enterprise Network (NGEN) Team provides support engineering, test, and evaluation, and information technology service management (ITSM) support . The NGEN Branch Head supports the DON Naval Enterprise Networks (NEN) Program Office at the Co-Lead for the NGEN program T&E WIPT, serves as the NGEN T&E Lead for PM MCNIS and provides T&E and Systems Engineering support for NGEN, SONIC, MCEITS, and SAM programs. The Branch Head is responsible for meeting the programmatic needs as defined by PM NEN and PM Marine Corps Network Infrastructure Systems (MCNIS). The branch provides technical support to HQMC/C4, MCNOSC and Information Systems Infrastructure (ISI) Product Group 10. The NGEN team at MCTSSA supports the products that integrate enterprise acquisition with the following areas: Systems Engineering, Test & Certification, Design and In-Service Engineering and management of NGEN service desk development. Additional support is provided to Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center (SSC-San Diego) on the Architecture and Engineering Integrated Product Team (IPT).

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