Executive Officer, Marine Corps Tactical Systems Support Activity
Major Adam Foushee

Major Adam Foushee was born and raised in Wilmington, North Carolina. He completed OCS, earned a B.S in Physics from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington, and was commissioned in the Marine Corps in 2005.

After attending the Basic School, Major Foushee finished API and primary flight training selecting to fly helicopters. After completing helicopter advanced flight training in December of 2008, Major Foushee was winged and sent to HMT-302 to be trained as an H2P in the CH-53E.

Major Foushee’s fleet tour was with HMH-461 Ironhorse from 2009 to 2013. He worked in the operations department as a scheduler, Ground Training Officer, Pilot Training Officer, Current Operations Officer, and Future Operations Officer. He was designated as a Functional Check Pilot, Assault Flight Lead, Night Systems Instructor, Aerial Refueling Instructure, and Assistant NATOPS Instructor. His deployments include Haiti for Operation Unified Response in 2010, Horn of Africa for Operation Enduring Freedom in 2010, and Afghanistan for Operation Enduring Freedom in 2013.

Major Foushee left the fleet in 2013 to report to Naval Postgraduate School. He earned a Masters of Science in Electrical Engineering, graduating with distinction in 2016. He was also the recipient of the Wozencraft Award for Excellence in electrical engineering. Following graduate school, Major Foushee served as the Lead Systems Engineer for Terrestrial High Capacity Communications Systems, PM Communication Systems, PfM Command Element Systems, Marine Corps Systems Command. In 2019, Major Foushee was selected for the 8059 aviation acquisition officer MOS, and assigned to Marine Corps Tactical Systems Support Activity. He held the billet of lead acquisition officer and Executive Officer for MCTSSA. Major Foushee holds DAWIA certifications in Engineering and Program Management, and is a member of the Defense Acquisition Corps.

Major Foushee is married to Kristen Foushee, and they have two children, Kylee and Noah.

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