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MCTSSA Infrastructure and Information Services Division


Infrastructure & Information Services Division (I2SD) provides Marine Corps Tactical Systems Support Activity with information technology support to include network management, MCEN Infrastructure Management, Information & Knowledge Management, application development, and cybersecurity, IT portfolio management and IT budget oversight.

Director of I2SD: Mr. Jimmy Clevenger

The Infrastructure & Information Services Division is composed of the Key Management Infrastructure, Operating Account Manager (KOAM), Network Operations Center (NOC), and Information Technology (IT) Branch.


The Key Management Infrastructure, Operating Account Manager (KOAM) is the CO's primary advisor on COMSEC-related matters. The KOAM is responsible for all actions involving COMSEC material held by the COMSEC account.  Actions include but are not limited to:

Provide the CO and other interested personnel with information about new or revised COMSEC policies and procedures and their impact on the command

  • Acquire, monitor, and maintain the commands COMSEC allowance
  • Manage Local Element personnel in the conduct of the KMI duties
  • Manage, safeguard, and maintain accountability for COMSEC Keying Material and Equipment by conducting inventories and destruction of COMSEC material as required
  • Report to the CO immediately any known or suspected COMSEC incident or Practices Dangerous to Security
  • Manage and train alternate KOAMs.

The Network Operations Center is responsible for providing all network connectivity and communications requirements for the Systems Integration Environment (SIE) and associated elements participating in official tests aboard MCTSSA. The NOC has several key responsibilities to include:

  • Manage internal and external data network communications requirements
  • Plan, install, and maintain root-level network services in support of the SIE
  • Perform network security functions supporting testing parameters
  • Manage commercial and tactical voice circuit switching requirements for the SIE & supported tests
  • Cybersecurity/Information Assurance management

The Information Technology Branch is responsible for the planning, coordination and delivery of information technology (IT) to include:

  • Provide IT infrastructure operations and maintenance
  • SIPRNet service operation and maintenance
  • Management of the MCTSSA Knowledge Management Portal (KMP)
  • Management of the Marine Corps Enterprise Network (MCEN)
  • Management of mobile and wireless services