MCTSSA Visitor Information

MCTSSA has several secure enclaves, and we host classified conferences from time to time. Visitor’s Security Office must send a completed Visit Request to MCTSSA via the Joint Personnel Adjudication System (JPAS) to receive an appropriate level visitor’s badge upon arrival. Visit Requests are not required for unclassified visits. The following information is provided to assist you with submitting a visit request to MCTSSA.

***Visit request should be submitted at least five working days prior to the proposed visit date. VISIT REQUEST WILL NOT BE VALID IF THEY ARE HAND-CARRIED, E-MAILED, OR UNSIGNED

For all Federal Civilian Employees, Contractors, Civilians and military personnel, in accordance with the Information Security Program Regulation DOD 5200.1-R, Para 6-202, the standard method for submitting Visit Request’s to MCTSSA is through the Joint Personnel Adjudication System (JPAS). MCTSSA’s Security Management Office (SMO) code is 304256.

If JPAS is unavailable, the visitor shall fax or mail a Visit Authorization Letter (VAL) on company letterhead in accordance with the NISPOM Regulations, Para 6-101 and 6-103 to:

Attn: Security Office
MCTSSA, Box 555171
Camp Pendleton, CA 92055-5171

------- or ---------

Facsimile: 760 725-2933/DSN:365-2933

The following information MUST be included on the Visit Authorization Letters:

  1. FROM: (complete address of requesting agency)
  2. TO: (complete address of receiving agency)
  3. SPECIFIC PERSONNEL TO BE VISITED: (MCTSSA sponsor & Phone number)
  4. DURATION OF VISIT: (arrival & departure date)
  5. PURPOSE OF VISIT: (briefly state the title of the event, project, meeting, conference, etc. that the visitor will be attending, including estimated degree of access required. When the visit involves access to information, such as NATO, COMSEC, etc. for which specific authorization is required, the command visited will confirm that the visitor has been briefed and authorized such access.)
  7. LEVEL OF SECURITY CLEARANCE: (indicate the security level of the visitor, i.e. Secret, TS, etc. Security clearance levels indicated on the visit request will be verified by MCTSSA security personnel).
  8. SPECIAL ACCESS: (any special accesses that will be required during their visit (i.e. access to NATO, COMSEC, etc.) the requesting agency must verify/certify that the individual has the appropriate special briefings/access. This must be annotated on the visit request.)
  9. NAME AND TITLE OF OFFICIAL VALIDATING CLEARANCE & AUTHORIZING VISIT: (to avoid questions about the legitimacy of the visit request, and certification of the visitor’s need to know, all visit requests will be signed by a security official or an authorized official.)

Foreign Nationals: Visits by foreign nationals must be initiated through diplomatic channels, by the respective country’s embassy. Visits that involve substantially technical discussions or disclosure of classified information require prior approval of Navy International Programs 0ffice (NAVIPO) or Headquarters Marine Corps Foreign Disclosure Office, Intel Division. Phone (703) 697-3608 or DSN 227-3608.

CLASSIFIED MATERIAL All visitors hand carrying classified material to MCTSSA must have in their possession, a Courier Authorization Letter or courier card issued by their command or agency. Upon completing the check in process at the Visitor Control Center they will be directed to the MCTSSA Classified Material Control Center (CMCC) for further processing.

As a prerequisite to accessing MCTSSA, you must first have access to Camp Pendleton. Please contact the Base Access Control Branch at (760) 763-1220 for base access requirements. At a minimum you will be required to present a valid driver’s license, proof of insurance, and a valid vehicle registration.

Upon arrival at MCTSSA the gate guards will direct you to the Visitor Parking Lot and Visitor Center. Once you are in the Visitor Center, be prepared to present a picture ID, state the nature and duration of your visit and provide the name of your MCTSSA point of contact (POC).

For any questions the MCTSSA Visitor Control Center can be reached by phone at (760) 725-2289/DSN: 365-2289.


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