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Visitor Frequently Asked Questions

Visit Request

Q: I will be visiting MCTSSA in the near future; what do I need to do?

A: It is strongly recommended that you have a Visit Request (VR) sent to MCTSSA, by your security staff, in advance of your arrival. The visit request not only validates your visit but it also provides information that will enable us to confirm your security clearance status which will determine the type of badge you will be issued. You may confirm that we received your VR by calling (760) 725-2289. You are required to have a current classified VR on file if your visit is of a CLASSIFIED nature.

Q: Is a Visit Request required for unclassified visits?

A: No. However, there is an internal MCTSSA process your sponsor will be required to complete prior to your arrival.

Q: What is the procedure for sending my VR to your activity?

A: Your Security staff is responsible for sending your VR in advance of your arrival. Please do not send your own VR. There are two methods of sending a VR. It has been mandated that all DOD agencies send VRs via the Joint Personnel Adjudication System (JPAS). MCTSSA’s Security Management Office (SMO) code is 304256. If your agency does not have JPAS capability, you may fax a Visitor Authorization Letter (VAL) using your company letterhead. Fax your VAL to our Visitor Control Center at (760) 725-2933.

Q: Can I sign and fax my own VR?

A: No; Your Security department is the authorizing agent. It is their responsibility to verify and validate your current clearance status and send it via JPAS.

Q: What happens if you receive a faxed VAL without the Authorized Signature?

A: The VAL will not be processed. It will either be re-faxed back to the requesting agency with a note of non-acceptance or a phone call will be made to the requesting agency informing them that an authorized signature is required.

Q: May I hand-carry or e-mail my VR to your activity?

A: VRs that are hand-carried or e-mailed will not be accepted for any reason. VRs must be sent by your security agency and received by MCTSSA’s security dept only!

Q: I am a Contractor with IMEF and I have a MEF badge. Do I still need to get a badge from your Visitor Center?

A: MCTSSA recognizes the IMEF badges of active duty and DOD civilian personnel only. MCTSSA’s standard visitor badge guidelines will apply to all other IMEF visitors.

Q: I am a Contractor and I have a VR on file good for a year. I will be visiting MCTSSA intermittently for the next 6 months; any chance I could get a long-term badge?

A: Visiting contractors are issued a badge, valid only for the duration of their specific visit.

Personal/Company Equipment

Q: Is it o.k. for me to bring my personal/company laptop onboard MCTSSA?

A: You may bring personal or company laptops aboard MCTSSA, however, there are restrictions that apply to their introduction into a classified environment. Prior to your arrival, notify your Point of Contact (POC) if you will need to take your company laptop into a restricted area. Prior approval must be granted before company laptops can be taken into a restricted area. Personal and company laptops can be brought aboard MCTSSA for use in non-secure areas.

Q: Can I access a restricted area with my PED?

A: ABSOLUTELY NOT. PEDs are strictly prohibited from being taken into restricted areas. Exceptions are made when there is a critical requirement for the use of that equipment in a restricted (Level II) area. The MCTSSA Technical Support Officer (TSO), your MCTSSA sponsor, must initiate and validate the request for access. The request will go through an official approval process involving Security Personnel.

Q: Can I use my cell phone while aboard MCTSSA?

A: Cell phones can be used in most areas of MCTSSA; however there are restricted Level II areas where cell phones are prohibited. Cell phone boxes are available outside restricted areas for safekeeping while you are inside the restricted area. You may retrieve your cell phone upon exiting the restricted area.

Q: Who can I contact if I have additional questions?

A: Call the MCTSSA Visitor Control Center at 760 725-2289. Visitor Center hours are 0700 -1630 PST.

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