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Marine Corps Systems Command

Equipping our MARINES

MCB Quantico, Va.


Colonel Robert O. Bailey
Commanding Officer

I take great pleasure in welcoming you to MCTSSA. I hope that you will enjoy your time here and share in the pride that we all feel over the work we accomplish on a daily basis.

Our mission is to “provide Marine Air Ground Task Force (MAGTF)/Joint C4I system and system of systems technical expertise and support throughout all acquisition lifecycle phases in order to ensure C4I systems are engineered, tested, certified and supported thus enabling Marines to continue to win battles.” The work we do here is extremely important for the men and women on the ground in Afghanistan and Marines around the world. Inherent in our command’s mission is to focus our work in support of other commands and it is important to note that our work here is never complete.

I encourage everyone to work together to epitomize the meaning of “Gung Ho,”which is Mandarin Chinese for “working together.” We must work together as a command to complete our mission. We also frequently work with other commands to ensure they are also successful and achieve mission accomplishment.

If you need any assistance settling in to MCTSSA, your chain of command will be more than happy to assist you in your new transition. Once again, welcome to MCTSSA.

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