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Marine Corps Systems Command

Equipping our MARINES

MCB Quantico, Va.
Command Element Systems
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Intelligence Systems

The MAGTF requires timely, actionable intelligence to develop plans for fires and maneuver. Intelligence Systems acquires the necessary capabilities to collect, process, exploit and disseminate signal, human and geospatial intelligence and other forms of intelligence-related information.

Command & Control

Focused on ensuring commanders' access to the information they need to make decisions on and off the battlefield, C2 Systems provides the MAGTF with command and control systems; integration, interoperability and situational awareness; and a portfolio of counter-improvised explosive device and Force Protection systems.

Communications Systems

From tactical communication systems to networking and satellite communications, Communication Systems provides and sustains capabilities needed to accomplish MAGTF missions across the range of military operations. Communication Systems gives Marines the ability to observe, orient, decide and act to maintain the winning edge on the battlefield.

CES Mission

Command Element Systems provides and sustains command, control, communications and intelligence capabilities to the MAGTF.

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