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Supply and Maintenance Systems


Program Manager Supply and Maintenance Systems fields and sustains a wide range of equipment and support services including Expeditionary Medical Systems; Corrosion Prevention and Control; Shelters, Combat Field Feeding, Containers; General Purpose Tools, Test Systems and Calibration; Automatic Test Systems; and Advanced Manufacturing solutions for the Fleet Marine Force.



The Expeditionary Medical Systems (EMS) Team fields, modernizes and sustains expeditionary medical systems for the Operating Forces which enables the provision of battlefield surgery, trauma resuscitation, and a full spectrum medical capabilities to preserve life and sustain the force, utilizing the latest technology to deliver highest standard of care to the warfighter across all operational environments.


The Shelters, Field Feeding, and Containers (S/FF/C) team acquires and sustains the Fleet Marine Force with tents, containerized maintenance shelters, field feeding equipment, and cargo containers that provide protection from the elements, capability to prepare rations in a field environment, and capability to store and transport gear, improving the quality of the Marine’s life in operational environments.


The GPTTS-C team procures, fields, and supports the general purpose tools and test equipment required by Marine ground maintenance personnel to conduct Field Level Maintenance in garrison or deployed locations.

Equipment Specialist:

Automatic Test Systems

The ATS Team provides automatic test systems that support the Marine Corps ground maintenance strategies in order to enhance organic maintenance capabilities and facilitate maintenance operations as far forward as possible.


To establish an effective CPAC program to extend the useful life of all Marine Corps tactical ground and ground support equipment, and to reduce maintenance requirements and associated costs through the identification, implementation, and, if necessary, development of corrosion prevention and control products, materials, technologies, and processes. The use of these technologies and processes will repair existing corrosion damage and prevent, or at least significantly retard future corrosion damage on all Marine Corps tactical ground and ground support equipment.<


Marine Corps Systems Command established the Advanced Manufacturing Operations Cell, or AMOC, to advance the service’s goals to employ AM throughout the Marine Corps. The AMOC will issue policy, certify and store files of 3D-printed parts, and establish a 24/7 help desk to assist the operating forces in all things AM.



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