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CPAC Documentation


 Copies of the listed reports can be obtained if requested through the email link provided CPAC.


Logistics Management Institute Report

  1. "Controlled Humidity Protection: Current DoD Snapshot", Andrew Timko and Owen R. Thompson, LG101L7/June 2003


Marine Corps Corrosion Related Technical Reports

  1. "Corrosion of Combat and Tactical Equipment on US Marine Corps Bases: Survey Results, Logistics, and R & D", Bieberich, E. B., T. J. Jackovic, and R. M. Janeczko, CARDIVNSWC-61-94/19 October 1994.

  2. "Corrosion of US Marine Corps Combat and Tactical Equipment: Evaluation of New Materials, Corrosion Prevention and Design", Bieberich, E. B., T. J. Jackovic, and R. M. Janeczko, CARDIVNSWC-TR-61-95/24 December 1995.

  3. "Corrosion of US Marine Corps Combat and Tactical Equipment: Status of FY 96 O&MMC Tasks", Bieberich, E. B., and R. M. Janeczko, CARDIVNSWC-TR-61-96-13 February 1997

  4. "Corrosion of US Marine Corps Combat and Tactical Equipment: Status of FY96 R&D Tasks", Bieberich, E.B., R.M. Janeczko, and A.D. Sheetz, CARDIVNSWC-TR-61-96-14, March 1997.

  5. "Corrosion of Frame Rails on US Marine Corps High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicles: Results of Ultrasonic Thickness Survey", Bieberich, E. B., A.D. Sheetz, and L.S. Flynn CARDIVNSWC-TR-61-97-17 October 1997.

  6. "Corrosion Improvements for USMC HMMWVs and Five Ton Trucks - Results of Marine Atmosphere and Field Corrosion Tests", Flynn, L.S., A.D. Sheetz and E.B. Bieberich, CARDIVNSWC-TR-61-97-18 February 1998.

  7. "Marine Atmosphere Corrosion of Fasteners and Aluminum Armor for USMC Amphibious Vehicles", Bieberich, E. B. and Dr. Catherine Wong, CARDIVNSWC TR-61-98-01 February 1998.

  8. "Corrosion Evaluation of Washdown Additives for Marine Corps Vehicles", Bieberich, E. B., and A.D. Sheetz, CARDIVNSWC-TR-61-98-31 December 1998.

  9. "Evaluation of Coatings to Reduce Corrosion in Crevices for Marine Corps Vehicles", Sheetz, A. D. and E.B. Bieberich, CARDIVNSWC-TR-61-98-32 February 1999.

  10. "Comparison of Accelerated Corrosion Test Results to Marine Atmosphere Exposure for U.S. Marine Corps Applications", Bieberich, E. B., Sheetz, A. D and R.A. Hays, CARDIVNSWC-TR-61-99-01 February 1999.

  11. "Corrosion Wording for USMC Acquisition Documents", Hays, R.A., and E. B. Bieberich, CARDIVNSWC-TR-61-99-05 July 1999.

  12. "Study to Determine the Feasibility of Developing a 'Cost of Corrosion' Methodology for US Marine Corps Ground Vehicles", M.R. Gallagher and N. Clayton, CARDIVNSWC-TR-62-00-02 February 2000.

  13. "Low Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) Chemical Agent Resistant Coating (CARC) Application Study - Final Report", M. Patel, A. Eng, F. Pilgrim, L. Weiser, CARDIVNSWC-TR-62-00-03 March 2000.

  14. "Removal Procedures for Tectyl 2423 Underbody Coating on Marine Corps Vehicles at MCLB Albany & Barstow", C. Arazy, CARDIVNSWC-TR-62-00-04 March 2000.

  15. "Test Application of Sherwin-Williams Waterborne CARC MIL-C-64159, Type II Coating on Marine Corps Vehicles at MCLB Albany", C. Arazy and M. Patel, CARDIVNSWC-TR-62-00-07 September 2000.

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  19. "Marine Atmosphere R&D Corrosion Tests Final Status and Multi-Commodity Test Matrix Interim Status Report", Sheetz, A.D. and E.B. Bieberich, NSWCCD-61-TR-2001/03 May 2001

  20. "Corrosion Testing for the USMC Advanced Amphibious Assault Vehicle: Results of Welded Panel Immersion Tests", Hays, R.A., Bieberich, E.B., Sheetz, A.D., NSWCCD-61-TR-2001/07 June 2001

  21. "ESTCP Demonstration of WD CARC (MIL-DTL-64159, TY II) Coating at MCLB Barstow, CA", A. Eng, D. Fayocavitz, F. Pilgrim, L. Weiser, NSWCCD-62-TR-2001/04 June 2001

  22. "Demonstration of MIL-DTL-64159, TY II at NSY Pearl Harbor, HI", J. Duckworth, A. Eng, D. Fayocavitz and L. Weiser, NSWCCD-62-TR-2001/05 September 2001

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  28. "Corrosion Resistant Foams for Use in Ground Vehicles",A. Sheetz, L. Paladino and E. Kuespert NSWCCD-61-TR-2018/4+CR January 2018.

  29. "Corrosion Resistant Foams for Use in Ground Vehicles",Corrosion Performance of Underbody Coatings for the MTVR", A. Sheetz, NSWCCD-61-12-050/23 February 2012. 

Technical Manuals

The CPAC Program Manager is responsible for the below listed Corrosion Prevention and Control related Technical Manuals. These manuals are available on the Marine Corps Publications Website at (Requires CAC to access site)  

CPAC-Related Technical Manuals
Number Title and Purpose PCN Remarks
TM 4795-12/1  Organizational Corrosion Prevention and Control Procedures for USMC Equipment: July 2021            
Purpose: Provides instruction for Field Level Maintenance in controlling and preventing corrosion on Marine Corps equipment.
184 479500 00 Electronic Publication
TM 3080-50 Corrosion Control Procedures Depot Maintenance Activities for Marine Corps Equipment: December 1989            
Purpose: Contains instructions for applying corrosion wear prevention and procedures. Intended for use by depot level maintenance personnel.
182 030805 00 Electronic Publication
TM 4750-15/1A Paint, Coating, Underbody and Registration Marking for Marine Corps Combat and Tactical Equipment: February 2019
Purpose: Establishes policies and assigns responsibilities for painting, coating, camouflage pattern painting, registration marking, and specifies identification requirements for Marine Corps ground combat and tactical equipment.            
TM 4750-OD/1            
182 047500 00 Electronic Publication
TM 4750-OD/2 Camouflage Paint Patterns: November 2005
Purpose: Contains camouflage paint patterns for USMC peculiar tactical equipment only and should be used in conjunction with
TM 4750-15/1A.
Supercedes: TM 4750-15/2-1 through TM 4750-15/2-10
182 047501 00 Electronic Publication
TI 4795-15/1
Corrosion Assessment for All U. S. Marine Corps Tactical Ground and Ground Support Equipment         
Purpose: To provide a standardized checklist and inspection criteria for use in the completion of corrosion assessments on all U. S. Marine Corps Tactical Ground and Ground Support Equipment.
168 479500 01 Electronic Publication
Marine Corps Systems Command