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Authorized Paint List

NOTICE: The contents of the WD-CARC Touch-up Kit and the Single Color Kits have been certified as MIL-DTL-64159 Coating, Water Dispersible, CARC and MIL-P-53022B Primer, Epoxy Coating, Corrosion Inhibiting. These kits are designed for touch-up purposes only.


Water-Dispersible CARC Touch-up Kit List
Description Contents NSN
 WD-CARC Touch-up Kit - Aerosol  12 bottles
 (4) Green, (4) Black,
 (4) Brown
 WD-CARC Touch-up Kit - Brush  12 bottles
 (4) Green, (4) Black,
 (4) Brown
 WD-CARC Touch-up Kit - Roller  12 bottles
 (4) Green, (4) Black,
 (4) Brown
12 Bottles/case single touch-up kits
Description Contents NSN
 WD-CARC, Green - Aerosol Color No. 34094 8010-01-546-7712
 WD-CARC, Tan - Aerosol Color No. 33446 8010-01-546-7711
 WD-CARC, Black - Aerosol Color No. 37030 8010-01-546-7713
 WD-CARC, Brown - Aerosol Color No. 30051 8010-01-546-7709
 WD-CARC, Green - Brush Color No. 34094 8010-01-546-7585
 WD-CARC, Tan - Brush Color No. 33446 8010-01-546-7587
 WD-CARC, Black - Brush Color No. 37030 8010-01-546-7588
 WD-CARC, Brown - Brush Color No. 30051 8010-01-546-7589
 WD-CARC, Green - Roller Color No. 34094 8010-01-546-7593
 WD-CARC, Tan - Roller Color No. 33446 8010-01-546-7594
 WD-CARC, Black - Roller Color No. 37030 8010-01-546-7596
 WD-CARC, Brown - Roller Color No. 30051 8010-01-546-7595
Description Contents NSN
 MIL-P-53022B - Aerosol 12 Bottles 8010-01-510-7178
 MIL-P-53030 - Aerosol 12 Bottles WF53030
 MIL-P-53022B - Brush 12 Bottles MDB0453022
 MIL-P-53030 - Brush 12 Bottles MDB0453030
 MIL-P-53022B - Roller 12 Bottles MDR0453022
 MIL-P-53030 - Roller 12 Bottles MDR0453030
 MIL-P-53022B - Vacuum Gun 12 Bottles WF53022VAC
 MIL-P-53030 - Vacuum Gun 12 Bottles WF53030VAC


Vacuum Touch-Up Gun
Description Contents Part #
 Vacuum Gun Assy - For Topcoat Vacuum Gun; 10 ft Coil Hose;
Disposable Desiccant Air Dryer
 Vacuum Gun Assy - For Primer Vacuum Gun; 10 ft Coil Hose;
Disposable Desiccant Air Dryer


Vacuum Touch-Up Gun Bottle Kits
Description Contents NSN
 WD-CARC Touch-up Kit - Vac Gun  12 Bottles
 (4) Green, (4) Black,
 (4) Brown


12 Bottles/Case Vacuum Gun Single Touch-Up Kits
Description Contents Part #
 WD-CARC, Green - Vac Gun Color No. 34094 WF34094VAC
 WD-CARC, Tan - Vac Gun Color No. 33446 WF33446VAC
 WD-CARC, Black - Vac Gun Color No. 37030 WF37030VAC
 WD-CARC, Brown - Vac Gun Color No. 30051 WF30051VAC

The WD-CARC touch-up kit, single color kits, and primer kit listed above are available through the normal supply system or directly through the manufacturer at (732) 886-2223 or

The CPAC Program Office maintains a complete listing of approved CARC System products available for use at the Field and Depot levels of maintenance. If you desire a listing of these products please contact CPAC.

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