General Purpose Tools, Test Systems and Calibration



The General Purpose Tools, Test Sets – Calibration (GPTTS-C) team provides Fleet Marine ground equipment technicians with the necessary tools and test equipment to effectively repair Marine Corps ground equipment.  The GPTTS-C portfolio of tools, sets, kits, outfits, and calibration equipment support the motor transport; engineer; Ordnance; and communication electronics military occupational specialties.  Our kits support the full spectrum of  field-level maintenance activities—organized and arranged in containers, trailers, kit boxes with foam cut-outs for inventory-at-a-glance configuration.  A full list of supported equipment can be found in TM 15510-14/1_ updated annually.

Equipment Specialist (ES) Group Mailbox:


General Purpose Tools, Sets & Kits

The General Purpose Tools, Sets, & Kits (TS&K) team provides Marines with assets that are high quality, durable, reliable, modernized, and deployable to the warfighter at the right time, in the right place, at the right price.  Periodic reviews ensure that the latest technology and modernization concepts are applied to meet and accomplish ever-changing mission requirements by adding capability, reducing redundancy, and eliminating antiquated and obsolete tools.

General Purpose Electronic Test Equipment

The General Purpose Electronic Test Equipment (GPETE) team provides electronic test equipment capable of generating, modifying, or measuring a wide range of electronics functions to enable weapon systems readiness for full spectrum operations when no automatic means of accomplishing fault isolation is available.  The entire GPTTS-C Team looks to replace obsolete General Purpose Electronic Test Equipment with new state-of-the-art commercial items that will have significant impacts on readiness, power projection, safety, and training operations for the Marine Corps and Marine Corps Reserves.


The General Purpose Mechanical Test Equipment (GPMTE) team provides a combination of various test equipment used to field test, troubleshoot, diagnose, align, repair, and rebuild tracked, wheeled and stationary motor transport, ordnance, and engineer equipment.  GPMTE is vital in maintaining the readiness of Marine Corps combat essential ground-based weapon systems or major end items in a field, expeditionary environment, and supporting establishments.  When used in conjunction with Condition Based Maintenance practices, GPMTE benefits are clear through a reduced maintenance burden that improves equipment availability, ultimately translating into supply, maintenance management, and maintenance touch labor reductions.

Fabrication Equipment

Fabrication Equipment provides an on-site ability to replace worn or damaged high-cost or critical components at substantial cost and time-saving measures. The additive and subtractive manufacturing capability is a rapidly advancing technology with significant potential to impact the future of Marine Corps expeditionary warfare. Experimental 3D printers have been employed across warfighting communities and on the majority of Marine Corps installations, bases, and stations. The Fabrication Equipment team provides equipment associated with Expeditionary Fabrication (XFAB) shops and Tactical Fabrication efforts.

Calibration and Maintenance Program

The Calibration and Maintenance Program (CAMP) is an enterprise-wide family of programs that maintains the effectiveness of Marine Corps weapon systems, communication platforms, and tools and test equipment. CAMP provides the Expeditionary Calibration Shelter system to serve as the calibration laboratories for MOS 2871 and 2874 Marines; Metrology Engineering and Quality Program support to perform calibration requirements analysis, create the procedures to test calibrated equipment, and implement the policies and processes that govern Marine Corps calibration laboratory operations; and Fleet Marine Force calibration services to ensure equipment is accurate and available when needed.

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