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Acquisition Logistics & Product Support (ALPS)

Acquisition Logistics and Product Support (ALPS) applies the core strength of the Lifecycle Logistics competency (under a competency-aligned organization) synergistically aligned with the cross-domain knowledge and problem solving techniques inherent to product support. Ultimately, AC ALPS will assist the Program Managers, Program Executive Offices and our enterprise partners and stakeholders to bring best value (i.e., on time, on target, best cost to government) products and services to Marines and warfighting customers.


  • Competency Management
  • Operations Support Section
  • Research & Analysis Section
  • Logistics Business Management Division
  • IPS Management Division
  • Maintenance Planning & Management Division
  • ALPS South Division


ALPS Vision and Mission

Vision: To epitomize logistics professionalism and leadership at all levels by creating flexible sustainment strategies and promoting equitable standards across the competency. Our efforts stimulate innovation and foster efficient and effective logistics strategies that support the Program Manager and, ultimately, the warfighter.

Mission: Help Program Managers be successful through the discipline's application of Logistics and Product Support practices.


Operations Manager: (703) 432-3098
Administrative Officer: (703) 432-3047
Business Operations (Albany, GA): (229) 639-6889