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Marine Corps Systems Command


Marine Corps Systems Command

Equipping our MARINES

MCB Quantico, Va.

Assessments Branch

The Assessments Branch is responsible for:

» Program Data/Reports
» Program Health Assessments/Reports
» Program Management Reviews (PMRs)
» Marine Corps Program Decision Meeting Management and Coordination
» Acquisition Policies, Procedures, and Processes
» Probability of Program Success (PoPS) methodology
» MCSC Acquisition Guidebook (MAG) which offers a consolidated overview of internal MCSC acquisition processes tailored to Acquisition Category III, IV, and Abbreviated Acquisition Programs (AAPs), designed to leverage and support Competency Aligned Organization (CAO) principles. The MAG is a quick, ready reference for identifying the major reviews, approval levels, timelines and documentation requirements.

Marine Corps Systems Command serves as the Department of the Navy's systems command for Marine Corps ground weapon and information technology system programs in order to equip and sustain Marine forces with full-spectrum, current and future expeditionary and crisis-response capabilities.

Contact Us

» Branch Head: (703) 432-5107 (DSN 378)