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Operations and Programs is responsible for the full range of management control and technical direction functions necessary for portfolio and program planning, execution, and assessment. Wereport directly to the commander of Marine Corps Systems Command on functions pertaining to current and future operations; programs; strategy and policy; contingency and crisis-response planning; and force deployment planning and execution.


Operations and Programs enables portfolio managers, program executive officers, and program managers to produce ground and information technology MAGTF equipment, and synchronizes near- and long-term enterprise operations and planning throughout the command and Marine Corps.

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» Office Manager: (703) 432-3991
» Operations Manager: (703) 432-3102


The Assessments Branch

The Assessments Branch is responsible for:

» Program Data/Reports
» Program Health Assessments/Reports
» Program Management Reviews (PMRs)
» Marine Corps Program Decision Meeting Management and Coordination
» Acquisition Policies, Procedures, and Processes
» Probability of Program Success (PoPS) methodology
» MCSC Acquisition Guidebook (MAG) which offers a consolidated overview of internal MCSC acquisition processes tailored to Acquisition Category III, IV, and Abbreviated Acquisition Programs (AAPs), designed to leverage and support Competency Aligned Organization (CAO) principles. The MAG is a quick, ready reference for identifying the major reviews, approval levels, timelines and documentation requirements.

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Branch Head: (703) 432-5107 (DSN 378)


The Cost and Analysis Branch is the MCSC authority in the field of cost analysis. The C&AB advises the Commander MCSC and PEOs on the historic, current, and emerging trends in all elements of cost estimating and cost analysis. It is important to note that the Branch works for the MCSC Commander as an independent agent that provides cost products to Program Management Offices (PMOs), PEO(s), and PMs/PdMs. The Branch is organized into analytical teams in direct cost support of the PMs/PdMs and PEOs and a general support studies team for conducting AoAs and other operations research studies and analyses.


The Cost and Analysis Branch serves as the Commander's agent for cost and analytical support of MCSC programs as well as those at Program Executive Offices (PEOs) while adhering to directives and instructions from the Department of Defense and Department of the Navy.

Roles and Responsibilities

The C&AB conducts and oversees the development of cost estimates for MCSC weapon, IT, and non-standard training systems programs. Through its processes the C&AB delivers LCCEs to satisfy the “Will-Cost” estimate whereas PMs/PdMs perform the “Should-Cost” analysis.

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Branch Head: (703) 432-3983

Program Objective Memorandum (POM) Branch

The POM Branch is responsible for:

» Guiding MCSC/PEO LS POM participation
» Facilitating POM Campaign Planning
» Supporting POM Program Reviews
» Supporting POM Initiative Development
» Supporting the Budget process and execution of funds 


The Program Objective Memorandum Branch coordinates all aspects of Marine Corps Systems Command and PEO Land Systems participation in the Marine Corps' POM process. POM leverages all business and decision processes, activities, and opportunities to resource programs for modernization and sustainment. POM fuses information across the Planning, Programming, Budgeting and Execution System (PPBES) process, Combat Development and Acquisition Management, including sub-processes and supporting activities.

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Branch Head: (703) 432-3799
Deputy Branch Head: (703) 432-5106

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