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MCB Quantico, Va.

  • Problem statement

    The Marine Corps seeks new and innovative ideas and solutions that improve the currently fielded knee and elbow pads’ comfort.  The current knee and elbow pads secure to the leg or arm with elastic bands, negatively affecting comfort, maneuverability, and stability.  Knee and elbow pad ideas and solutions that enhance the Marines’ comfort, maneuverability, and stability, and can either integrate into the trousers and blouse or are stand-alone items are sought.

    The desired end-state is to determine a design or concept that provides improved comfort, impact protection and operator acceptance, while maintaining mobility and operator’s range of motion.

    If the Marine Corps can identify a new or an innovative knee and elbow pad solution that demonstrates outstanding achievements in basic, advanced, applied research and technology development, the Marine Corps will award a prize as detailed below and will consider procuring the system through a full and open competition resulting in a Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR)-based contract.

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