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Acquisition: Make the Move


Use your education &
training to shape the
future of the Marine Corps

A tour at Marine Corps Systems Command can accelerate your career and make you a well-rounded, competitive officer. The Acquisition Primary MOS Selection (8059/8061) Board will begin accepting applications soon for lateral move consideration for FY22.

Are you ready to Make the Move?

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How to apply

Officers interested in becoming an 8059 or 8061 must apply to the annual Acquisition Primary MOS 8059/8061 Selection Board. Application requirements typically include:

  • Must be a major, lieutenant colonel or lieutenant colonel-select

  • Be eligible for a Secret security clearance (TS/SCI preferable)

  • Certified DAWIA Level II in primary acquisition career field (Level I for Business Financial Management or Business Cost Estimating)

  • Unrestricted Officer (MOS 8059 must be OccFld 75 or 73)

More information will be available following release of the announcement MARADMIN, expected in August.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the right time to consider a lateral move?
Career planning should be continuous. Marine officers should consider an acquisition career as early as The Basic School. However, acquisition experience is required for lateral movement. Marines can obtain this experience by filling an acquisition-coded billet. Most acquisition billets are in the National Capital Region (and considered b-billets), but some billets are also available in the fleet.

How do I become qualified to move laterally into an acquisition MOS?

  • Unrestricted officers qualify if they hold the rank of major, lieutenant colonel and lieutenant colonel-select, have less than 24 years of active commissioned service and are not slated for command as a result of the FY22 command screening board.

  • Applicants for the Marine Acquisition Officer-Aviation (8059 PMOS) must be designated unrestricted officers currently holding a primary MOS from OccFld 75 or MOS 7315

  • Marines must be certified DAWIA Level II in a primary acquisition career field as of Dec. 1, 2021. Primary acquisition career field of Business Financial Management or Business Cost Estimating also require DAWIA Level I certification by Dec. 1, 2021.

Is PM certification required for lateral movement or can my experience be in Test & Evaluation, Engineering, Logistics, etc.?
No, a PM certification is not required for lateral movement; however, DAWIA Level II certification is required in a primary acquisition career field. For the full list of career fields, please visit: You can find more details in the How to Apply section above.

Where are acquisition billets located?
Acquisition billets are located in Naval Air Station Patuxent River, MD; Arlington, VA; Patuxent, MD; Ft. Belvoir, VA; Quantico, VA; Orlando, FL; Tampa, FL; Huntsville, AL; Warren/Selfridge, MI; Camp Pendleton, CA; Yuma, AZ; China Lake, CA; Cherry Point, NC; and with CE II MEF (CLNC) and various DCMA locations.

What type of billet opportunities are there as a Marine Acquisition Officer?

  • Project Team Leader, Level II IPT Lead, Level I Platform Deputy Program Manager, Assistant Program Manager, ASN(RDA) Staff

  • O-5 billets include Program Manager, Product Manager, Test Squadron Commanding Officer, Director

  • O-6 billets include Portfolio Manager, Program Manager, Commanding Officer, Director

When is the MARADMIN announcement? When is the board? When are the results published?
The announcement of the MARADMIN will come out in August. The FY22 acquisition primary MOS selection (8059/8061) board will convene on or about November 2021 at MCB Quantico, VA. Application due date will be noted in the MARADMIN. Results should be published between November and December, typically after lieutenant colonel selection results are published.

If I get selected, when will I move? How is it determined where I go for my next billet?
Moves are typically made during summer PCS time, depending on the specifics. The selectee will work with occupational field managers to obtain desires (e.g., billet, geographical location, special considerations, timing, etc.) and compare them with the needs of the Marine Corps to determine billet.

Do you have a sample/template lateral move application?
An application template can be found by logging on to MMOA-3 board webpage:

What is the right format for my biography?

  • Standard one-page military biography

  • Biography should not contain a picture

  • Biography should be consistent with Marine Corps standards and format

  • Information must be accurate, match MBS/OMPF, and be grammatically sound

Should I include letters of recommendation with my application?
Letters of recommendation may be included as enclosures.

What Top Level School opportunities exist as a lieutenant colonel Marine Acquisition Officer?
Marine Acquisition Officers typically get selected for The Eisenhower School or for the Secretary of Defense Executive Fellowship Program.

Who can I contact if I have additional questions?
Specific questions relating to the Marine Acquisition Officer occupational field specialty can be addressed to the co-occupational field managers: