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The 2013 Acquisition Excellence Awards were announced Nov. 4 at Marine Corps Base Quantico, Va. The awards reflect accomplishments of individuals and teams within Marine Corps Systems Command and Program Executive Officer Land Systems.

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MCSC, PEO LS present acquisition excellence awards

4 Nov 2013 | Jim Katzaman, MCSC Corporate Communications 10th Marine Regiment

By Jim Katzaman, MCSC Corporate Communications  

Distinguished service and dedication are the touchstones for the 2013 Acquisition Excellence Awards announced Nov. 4 at Marine Corps Base Quantico, Va. The awards reflect accomplishments of individuals and teams within Marine Corps Systems Command and Program Executive Officer Land Systems.

Heading the list are the three recipients of the Marine Corps Awards for Acquisition Innovation and Excellence.

Lt. Col. Michael Burks of PEO LS received the Andrew J. Higgins Award, which honors an acquisition officer. He led the Marine Corps effort to acquire, field and support the Joint Light Tactical Vehicle.

Gunnery Sgt. Raymond Jentz of MCSC received the Eugene M. Stoner Award, which honors an acquisition noncommissioned officer. He pursued the acquisition, fielding and support of the Radio Reconnaissance Equipment Program to the operating forces.

Salvatore Fanelli of MCSC received the Donald Roebling Award, which honors an acquisition civilian. He worked on the acquisition, fielding and support of MK-318 and M-855A1 ammunition to the warfighter.

MCSC pioneered the acquisition awards as part of its role as the Department of the Navy’s systems command for Marine Corps ground weapon and information technology systems. It is also the Marine Corps commandant's agent for acquisition and sustainment of warfighting systems and equipment.

The Commander’s Honorary Awards represented a full spectrum of acquisition specialties and achievements by individuals and teams. These were the awards and recipients:

Excellence in Contract Management (individual). Stasia Baker of Programs was recognized for her abilities and professionalism to work under significant pressure by processing hundreds of contracting documents. She also aided programs with the critical help they needed to attain programmatic support service contracting success.

Excellence in Contract Management (team). The Tactical Fuels and Water Systems Acquisition Team was cited for supporting the $99 million Tactical Fuel Systems Logistics Support and Water Supply Support Equipment Logistics Support programs. The team is from Combat Support Systems.

Excellence in Marine Air-Ground Task Force Engineering (individual). The recipient was Deana Hudson of MAGTF Command, Control and Communications. As lead engineer of the Tier-1 Integrated Product Team, she led the engineering efforts of a very complex and technically demanding portfolio of 23 programs and initiatives.

Excellence in Marine Air-Ground Task Force Engineering (team). The Expeditionary Energy Engineering Team of CSS found innovative means to reduce combat casualties and expand operational reach in Operation Enduring Freedom and future operations. They did this by lessening energy dependence.

Excellence in Financial Management (individual). April Burks, lead financial manager in Infantry Combat Equipment, worked with her product teams to develop alternative plans for more than $100 million for operations and maintenance.

Excellence in Financial Management (team). Financial Management Competency Leadership Board Sub-Team 3 identified and defined all areas and aspects of financial management. They also developed a practical and comprehensive handbook on financial management.

Excellence in Logistics and Product Support (individual). James Adams of CSS identified discrepancies, highlighted inefficiencies and improved data management processes. This greatly enhanced combat readiness and total lifecycle systems management for Marine Corps ground systems and equipment.

Excellence in Logistics and Product Support (team). Tier 2 Combat Operations Center Integrated Product Team of Marine Air-Ground Task Force Command, Control and Communications delivered effective field-level lifecycle sustainment management. They leveraged contractor logistics support and provided the operating forces with an extremely responsive sustainment capability.

Excellence in Operations Research/Systems Analysis (individual). Maj. Troy Kiper of Programs was the study director for the Mobile Electric Hybrid Power Sources Analysis of Alternatives. Multiple alternatives across several power bands will increase fuel savings and maintain a mobile power system.

Excellence in Operations Research/Systems Analysis (team). The Cost Analysis Guidebook Team of Programs created a guidebook to educate cost analysts and program stakeholders. The guidebook standardized processes and procedures, and publicized cost analysis best practices.

Excellence in Program Management (individual). Steven Batts of MAGTF C3 was team leader for the Marine Corps Counter-Radio Controlled Improvised Explosive Device Systems Team. He was also acting team leader for the Surveillance Systems Team in the Force Protection Systems Product Office.

Excellence in Program Management (team). The Marine Corps Joint Light Tactical Vehicle Milestone B Team of PEO LS overcame a Senate Appropriations Committee cancellation of the joint program. The team achieved a successful reversal from the undersecretary of defense for acquisition, technology and logistics.

Excellence in Command Support. Dawn Wiley, a program analyst with Programs, made significant contributions toward process enhancements and procedure modifications. She executed many procurement requests to support contract officer representative responsibilities and contract awards.

Innovation (individual). Gunnery Sgt. Shawn Souders is assigned to MCSC’s Marine Corps Tactical Systems Support Activity at Camp Pendleton, Calif. He coordinated the sourcing of personnel, safety equipment, test equipment, and training and test areas aboard Camp Pendleton.

Innovation (team). The MAGTF Command and Control Systems and Applications Tactical Service Oriented Architecture Team is revolutionizing tactical software development. The innovations ultimately benefit Marine commanders and operators.

Lawrence P. Kreitzer Leadership Award. This award is presented to a person who exhibits the highest standards of excellence, honesty, dedication and accomplishment. Robert Forrester of Infantry Weapons Systems was instrumental in the acquisition and fielding of more than 114 Infantry Weapons Systems programs.

Col. Richard “Dick” Bates Award. This award goes to someone who exemplifies leadership making an extraordinary contribution toward achieving the command’s vision. Col. Michael Bergerud, program manager of Marine Intelligence, led the planning and execution of $258 million of current and prior year Military Intelligence Program funding.

Excellence in Acquisition Support. This award is for someone from an external agency who exemplifies extraordinary acquisition support to an MCSC or PEO LS acquisition program or activity. Christine Liou was lead engineer for the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command Pacific, supporting the Network on the Move Increment 1 Program.

Secretary of Defense Performance-Based Logistics Awards Program for Excellence in PBL in Lifecycle Product Support. The Combat Operations Center Team demonstrated comprehensive logistical planning and execution skills. This led to successful development and implementation of tailored PBL strategies that sustained Combat Operations Center systems both in-country and deployed to Operation Enduring Freedom.

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