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Conversations about Marine Corps acquisition, innovation, and gear with host Manny Pacheco, USMC, retired. Equipping the Corps is the official podcast of Marine Corps Systems Command.

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1. Divestment Lessons with Deb Olson
Deb Olson, a recent Acquisition Award winner for her work as the Program Manager, Engineer Systems, Logistics Combat Element Systems, sits down with Manny to discuss her experiences with the divestment process. Deb's strategy led to the divestment of 47,000 pieces of equipment.

2. Infantry Marine Modernization with CWO4 David Tomlinson
CWO4 David Tomlinson, Gunner with Portfolio Manager Ground Combat Element Systems, talks with Manny about new gear coming to infantry Marines and what he's learned as the first Gunner assigned to Marine Corps Systems Command.

3. AMMO! with Lt. Col. Brian Wisneski 
The Ammo team is working hard to lighten the warfighter's load, increase lethality, and provide logistics support for new capabilities. Lt. Col. Brian Wisneski, Deputy Program Manager, Ammunition joins Manny to discuss all things ammo including .50-caliber polymer ammo, cartridges, two new shoulder-fired rocket systems, and when Marines can expect to see it all.

4. Wargaming with Lt. Col. Raymond Feltham 
The Marine Corps is in the middle of a generational modernization --- one that will ensure that tomorrow's Marines continue to be the force of choice to meet and defeat evolving threats. To that end, the Marine Corps has been outfitting the individual Marine with the latest warfighting technologies and conducting extensive research, analysis and experimentation to ensure they are headed down the right path. On this episode, Manny sits down with Lt. Col. Raymond Feltham to talk about one of the critical elements that informs and influences those challenging decisions --- Wargaming!

5. Force Design with Brig. Gen. A.J. Pasagian 
Equipping our Marines with the gear and ground combat equipment needed for the current and future fight is the responsibility of Marine Corps Systems Command and its supported PEOs. Overseeing the acquisition of boots to body armor, JLTVs to ACVs, and all of the unique technologies in between, requires unique and flexible leadership. Manny sits down with the individual who is responsible for nearly 3,000 acquisition professionals, both civilian and military, who make the magic happen to ensure Marines have the tools and capabilities needed to be successful and as safe as possible on the evolving battlefield --- Brig. Gen. A.J. Pasagian, Commander, Marine Corps Systems Command.

6. Contracts with Johany Deal
Our contracting professionals play a critical role in bridging the gap between industry and the program offices to ensure we’re equipping our Marines with the best capabilities for the fight.  Manny chats with Johany Deal, Director of Contracts for Marine Corps Systems Command about what it’s like working in contracts here at the command and upcoming engagements with industry.

7. Training Systems with Col. Lou Lara
The Marine Corps is modernizing to meet the Commandant’s vision of force 2030. That modernization includes providing Marines with the most realistic training to meet and defeat those evolving threats. The Program Manager for Training Systems (PM TRASYS), located in Orlando, Florida, improves the warfighting effectiveness of Fleet Marine Forces by providing training support and developing and sustaining training systems. They are the training systems acquisition arm for the Marine Corps. 

8. Tactical Vehicle Fleet with Jenn Moore
The Marine Corps is aggressively modernizing to meet the threats of the future battlefield. Lethality is crucial for the individual Marine to be successful, but so is mobility across the full range of military operations. At the heart of mobility is the new Joint Tactical Vehicle family of vehicles. They provide our warfighters multi-mission role, ground combat, tactical and support vehicles. However, it is not just the JLTV, the entire tactical wheeled fleet is evolving as part of Force Design 2030. The Marine Corps’ Light Tactical Vehicles program has the unique mission of divesting of High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicles, fielding more Joint Light Tactical Vehicles, and replacing the Marine Corps' Utility Task Vehicle (UTV) with an Ultralight Tactical Vehicle.

9. Amphibious Combat Vehicle with Col. Tim Hough
The Amphibious Combat Vehicle (ACV) is the Corps’ next-generation vehicle designed to move Marines from ship to shore. It is currently replacing the Assault Amphibious Vehicle, which has served the Corps for more than 40 years. The ACV will be the primary means of tactical mobility and lethality for the Marine Battalion Landing Team embarked aboard a Marine Expeditionary Unit at sea and ashore. The ACV has the capability to provide organic, direct fire support to dismounted infantry in the attack, and has a sustained ground mobility similar to the M1A1 tank. The ACV will support expeditionary mobility capability and capacity with balanced levels of performance, protection and payload. 

Meet the host

Manny Pacheco enlisted in the Marines in 1982, and served as a Combat Correspondent and Public Affairs Marine for 21 years. His operational assignments include two deployments with the 15th Marine Expeditionary Unit, supporting missions in Somalia, Rwanda, Kuwait, and a host of exercises in Africa and the Middle East.

Manny has over 12 years of experience working in acquisition, both with Marine Corps Systems Command and Program Executive Office Land Systems. He recently became a grandpa, and is a member of the Mediocre Golf Association.

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