Equipping the Corps

Conversations about Marine Corps acquisition, innovation, and gear with host Manny Pacheco, USMC, retired. Equipping the Corps is the official podcast of Marine Corps Systems Command.

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1. Divestment Lessons with Deb Olson
Deb Olson, a recent Acquisition Award winner for her work as the Program Manager, Engineer Systems, Logistics Combat Element Systems, sits down with Manny to discuss her experiences with the divestment process. Deb's strategy led to the divestment of 47,000 pieces of equipment.

2. Infantry Marine Modernization with CWO4 David Tomlinson
CWO4 David Tomlinson, Gunner with Portfolio Manager Ground Combat Element Systems, talks with Manny about new gear coming to infantry Marines and what he's learned as the first Gunner assigned to Marine Corps Systems Command.

Meet the host

Manny Pacheco enlisted in the Marines in 1982, and served as a Combat Correspondent and Public Affairs Marine for 21 years. His operational assignments include two deployments with the 15th Marine Expeditionary Unit, supporting missions in Somalia, Rwanda, Kuwait, and a host of exercises in Africa and the Middle East.

Manny has over 12 years of experience working in acquisition, both with Marine Corps Systems Command and Program Executive Office Land Systems. He recently became a grandpa, and is a member of the Mediocre Golf Association.

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