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22 Jun 2023 | Vito Bryant, Program Manager for Training Systems Marine Corps Systems Command

Members of Marine Corps Systems Command’s Program Manager for Training Systems (PM TRASYS) were recognized for their exceptional performance during the Federal Executive Association of Central Florida (FEA-CFL) 5th Annual Federal Employee of the Year Award Ceremony at Shades of Green in Orlando, Florida on June 2, 2023.

More than 110 people attended the ceremony, which took place during Public Service Recognition Week to honor federal civilian employees and military nominees from more than 35 federal agency offices throughout Central Florida.

The mission of FEA-CFL is to maintain effective coordination and collaboration among Federal activities and programs in central Florida to best support the Federal workforce in delivering critical services to the public. FEA-CFL is composed of the federal agency heads and field office leaders from 29 counties in the Central Florida region, representing more than 52,000 employees and nearly 100,000 Federal retirees.

This year’s ceremony had 84 individual and team nominations, the most in its history. A panel of judges representing the private sector, non-profit organizations and Federal agencies chose the award winners in nine categories: Combined Federal Campaign Awards, Stewardship, Administrative Professional, Innovation, Natural Disaster Response, Management Excellence, Law Enforcement, Service to the Community, and Valor.

PM TRASYS’s Robert Rivera received an honorable mention in the stewardship category for his exceptional performance while serving as the structural engineer for the III Marine Expeditionary Force Liaison Team. He analyzed the structural issues of the Underwater Egress Trainer (UET) in Okinawa, Japan, and developed a short-term solution and a long-term approach that minimized risks while meeting the pressing needs of the Marine Corps to train Marines and civilians in underwater egress. Rivera’s engineering expertise, collaboration and attention to detail were vital to UET returning to full functionality 15 months ahead of schedule.

The PM TRASYS Cost Estimating and Analysis (CE&A) Team also distinguished itself with outstanding technical performance and production of 20 major cost products. The most recent significant effort was the cost analysis and life cycle cost estimate to support the Marine Corps’ top-priority multi-billion-dollar Project Tripoli effort. The CE&A team members used their technical skills in methodology development and data collection to develop sound, concise, well-documented, and supportable estimates. These were delivered in time to support decision making and program-related activities, e.g., the estimates allow the Resource Sponsor to be confident in the cost numbers while developing its program objectives memorandums (POM) 24 Strategies.

“I am beyond proud of Robert and our cost estimate and analysis team for their consistent hard work.  Though they don’t do it for recognition, this event was a great way to publicly recognize their consummate professionalism and dedication to ensure Marine warfighters are equipped the most capable training technologies available,” Program Manager for Training Systems Col. Marcus J. Reynolds said. “They personify our Marine Corps values of honor, courage, and commitment, and I am honored to have them on our team!”

The Federal Executive Boards (FEBs) were established in 1961 by a Presidential Directive from President John Kennedy to improve coordination among Federal activities and programs outside the Washington, DC area. Today, given that approximately 85% of the Federal employees are located outside of Washington, DC, the Boards are more critical than ever. In cities where FEBs do not exist, another organization of local principal federal agency officials called Federal Executive Associations (FEAs) or Councils exist.

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