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Brig. Gen. Michael Brogan addresses nearly 500 people at Marine Corps Systems Command?s Assumption of Command ceremony held in front of MARCORSYSCOM?s headquarters on Hospital Point in Quantico, Va. on Friday, Sept. 22nd.

Photo by Kathy Reesey, Quantico Command Visual Information Center

Brig. Gen. Brogan Assumes Command at Marine Corps Systems Command

27 Sep 2006 | #NAME?

Marine Corps Systems Command’s (MARCORSYSCOM) new commander offered two thoughts for the Marines, civilians and contract support personnel at MARCORSYSCOM’s recent Assumption of Command – “Do what’s right and do your best.”

Brig. Gen. Michael Brogan took charge of the command at the ceremony held in front of MARCORSYSCOM’s headquarters on Hospital Point in Quantico, Va. on Friday, Sept. 22nd.  He replaces Maj. Gen. William Catto, MARCORSYSCOM’s prior commanding general, who left in late June to serve as Chief of Staff for the U.S. European Command in Stuttgart, Germany.

“This is my second tour at Marine Corps Systems Command,” stated Brogan during the ceremony.  “I’m very pleased to be back, and I am looking forward to the opportunity to fulfill our mission to equip and sustain the operating forces of the Marine Corps.”

The new brigadier general is impressed with the 1600 active duty Marines and Civilian Marines now serving under him across the country.

“They have worked very hard over the last number of years,” said MARCORSYSCOM’s new commander.  “Since the nation’s been involved in the global war on terrorism, they have been able to not only do the traditional acquisition function – the research, the development, design and fielding – but also the rapid procurement that’s been required to respond to the universal needs statement by our commanders in the field.”

From socks to gun sights, the MARCORSYSCOM team outfits Marines with literally everything they drive, shoot and wear.  The command usually accomplishes this with about a $1.6 billion budget.  With supplemental war appropriations, the budget has grown in some cases to $8 billion.

“They have had to rapidly put (the additional funds) on contract in order to field the where-with-all for our troops engaged in Afghanistan and Iraq,” added Brogan.  “And I am very proud to have the opportunity to lead them and continue to provide the equipment that our warfighters need on the front.”

Nearly 500 people attended the ceremony where Brogan assumed command as MARCORSYSCOM’s seventh commander.

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