Female Cammies To Arrive in January

10 Sep 2004 | Ms. Shakinta Johnston

With the scheduled fielding of additional sizes of combat utility uniforms in Jan. 2005, female Marines will be able to buy uniforms specifically designed with the woman warrior in mind.

The Marine Corps has adopted six female-specific sized blouses and seven specific sized trousers.  It’s expected that the new sizes will improve uniform fit and function for about 90 percent of the female Marine population who now wear the X-Small, X-Short; X-Small Short; Small Short; Small Regular; Medium X –Short; and Medium Short (Trousers only). 

“The female cammies will appear identical to those in the existing inventory, and new sizes will be offered in addition to those already available,” said Dee Townes, combat uniform project officer, MCSC.  While female Marines considering buying additional uniforms may want to wait until the new sizes are available, this announcement does not change the requirement that all Marines own one set of woodland and one set of desert digital cammies by Oct. 1. 

According to Townes, Marine Corps Military Clothing Sales Stores will carry the new uniform when it becomes available. The care and cleaning label inside the chest and hip pockets will list the body measurements to predict the new size.

“Better fitting cammies for female Marines will definitely reduce the amount of excess material, especially for those with smaller figures,” said Cpl. Cavel Wallen, legal chief, for Headquarters and Service Battalion here.  According to Wallen, who participated in surveys and testing, new cammies will be make a big difference when wearing field equipment such as the flak jacket, when extra material tends to bunch up.  

Additional information about female sizes will appear in Marine Corps publications and on websites about 30 days prior to their availability in stores.  For more information regarding female-specific sized camouflage utilities, contact Dee Townes at

Marine Corps Systems Command