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Marine Corps launches SNCO Evening Dress Uniform survey

26 Nov 2007 | Corporate Communications

Marine Corps Systems Command’s (MCSC) Program Manager for Infantry Combat Equipment (PM ICE) has initiated an Internet survey soliciting input from Marines on a proposed modification to the men’s Staff Noncommissioned Officer (SNCO) Evening Dress Uniform. All active, reserve, retired and former Marines are invited to participate in the quick and easy survey. According to the program office, the survey shouldn’t take longer than five minutes to complete.

The proposed modification eliminates the bowtie and gives the evening dress jacket a standing collar with an open silhouette to provide a distinctive Marine Corps appearance apart from other services. The new design would increase the cost of the SNCO Evening Dress Uniform by approximately $50.

Scheduled to conclude in three weeks, the survey results will help PM ICE improve the Evening Dress Uniform, make a final decision on the design and determine the length of a phase-in period.

The survey is available on the Internet at Links to the survey site can be found on the MCSC website, the PM ICE website, the Marine Corps Uniform Board website and on the Marine Corps’ official website

As a conduit for Marines, PM ICE will continue to conduct such surveys for Marine input on new initiatives related to its mission to enhance the performance, capability and sustainability for the clothing and equipment for operating forces. Surveys reflect MCSC’s constant support for the Marine Corps’ dedicated warfighter.

Marine Corps Systems Command