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Marine Corps Systems Command plans to demonstrate the Robotic Moving Target System on June 16.

Photo by Marathon Robotics

Media Advisory: Robotic Moving Target System to be demonstrated

13 Jun 2011 | Corporate Communications, Public Affairs Division

Members of the media are invited to witness Marines demonstrating the Robotic Moving Target System (R-MTS) in its final phase of foreign comparative testing and evaluation. The live-fire demonstration will take place from 2 to 4 p.m. June 16 aboard Marine Corps Base Quantico at Range 14F.

Marine Corps Systems Command (MCSC) continuously provides warfighters with the absolute best training equipment available, helping Marines to be more successful in combat and giving them a better chance to come home safely. Marines train “like they fight” and the R-MTS simulates live action. The target system is being evaluated as a candidate to provide high fidelity training in the area of moving target engagement. R-MTS is a 3-D human-form target that moves autonomously on a robot chassis to provide a representation of dismounted moving enemy combatants. 

The R-MTS is designed to present military marksmen with realistic scenarios that challenge the abilities of even expert marksmen by moving in a fashion that is similar to the speeds and paths that a human enemy would.  The “smart” robotic targets are aware of their surrounding and other robots. They move with intent and knowledge of the structures on the range that are potential obstacles and might provide cover. When fired upon, robots will react and seek cover behind obstacles to shield themselves from fire.

Media should dress appropriate for summer weather with a possibility of rain showers. Send RSVP by June 15 to Lieutenant Jamie Larson, MCSC Public Affairs Officer,, (703) 432-3288. All attendees will be directed to meet off base in Stafford, Va., at 1 p.m. on Thursday, June 16. The specific meet location will be provided once we receive the RSVP.

Marine Corps Systems Command