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ECH, Sleep System training videos now available on YouTube

By Monique Randolph, MCSC Corporate Communications | | April 1, 2014


Marine Corps Systems Command launched a new YouTube channel that will feature training videos and other information about gear and equipment the command fields to Marines.

“Gear is getting more complex,” said Lt. Col. Daryl Crane, product manager for MCSC’s Infantry Combat Equipment. “We’re asking it to do more. And because it is becoming more and more complex, Marines require a better understanding of how to use it.”

The first two features on the channel, produced by ICE, are training videos for the Enhanced Combat Helmet and Marine Corps Sleep System. The ECH will soon be issued to deploying Marines and the sleep system is already being used by Marines in the field.

The Enhanced Combat Helmet exploits the latest lightweight material technology to provide increased small-arms protection above what is currently provided by the Lightweight Helmet and Advanced Combat Helmet. The video explains everything Marines need to know, from how to determine the right size helmet to the proper care, wear and attachment of gear.

The Three Season Sleep System and Extreme Cold Weather Bag, when used with the required cold-weather clothing layers, are effective down to -13 degrees Fahrenheit. The sleep system video shows Marines how to get the most out of the sleep system, from deciding what gear to pack to proper use and care.

“As technology increases, so does complexity, and so does capability,” Crane said. “We wanted to give Marines a [training] mechanism that doesn’t require someone to come to them, but instead they can do it at their convenience. The videos are a convenient way to get answers to their questions. In this format, they have someone visually showing them and talking them through it, so they get a better sense of [the gear’s] use and capabilities.”