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MCSC gears up for Marine Week Phoenix

By MCSC Office of Public Affairs and Communication | Marine Corps Systems Command | September 9, 2015

Marine Corps Systems Command is bringing the gear to Marine Week Phoenix Sept. 10-13. During the four-day extravaganza, more than 600 Marines—including MCSC Marines—will showcase equipment and aircraft, perform band concerts and engage in community service events in the greater Phoenix area.

“Marine Week is an opportunity for the citizens of Phoenix and surrounding areas to engage with Marines, see the equipment we use to support this great nation and hear about what we’ve been doing,” said Lt. Col. Antonio Scoffield, product manager for Optics and MCSC’s action officer for the event.

“It’s also an opportunity for Marines to tell their stories—to reengage with the community,” he said. “We’re an integral part of America; America’s sons and daughters. We’re here to reinforce our focus on the community and the Corps, and our love for our country.”

Attendees will see firsthand the role of the Combat Operations Center, provided by MCSC’s Marine Air Ground Task Force Command, Control and Communications. The COC is the battlefield commander's nerve center for Marine Corps operations ashore and the focal point of command and control. Its modular design is scalable and lets Marines collect, process and share information in a collaborative environment.

MCSC’s Combat Support Systems will demonstrate how the Marine Corps is reducing its energy footprint with the Solar Portable Alternative Communications Energy System, or SPACES. This flexible system can fold into a pack, be spread out on the ground or hung on a sunward wall and used to power small devices or charge batteries. Alternative power sources like SPACES can be folded up and carried in packs, lightening the load Marines carry in combat.

Training Systems, MCSC’s program manager located in Orlando, Florida, will give attendees the chance to train like a Marine with the Indoor Simulated Marksmanship Trainer. The ISMT is an interactive audio/video simulator used for small arms training in enhanced marksmanship, weapons employment, indirect fire and tactical decision-making.

Other MCSC equipment on display will include a family of robotic systems Marines currently use in the field for close-quarter reconnaissance, counter-IED operations; and combat gear worn by today’s Marines that attendees will be able to see, feel and touch and wear.

For more information about Marine Week Phoenix, including a full schedule of events, visit http://www.marines.mil/CommunityRelations/CommunityEvents/MarineWeek2015.aspx.