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MCSC equipment apps now available for iPhone

By MCSC Office of Public Affairs and Communication | Marine Corps Systems Command | November 20, 2015


Marine Corps Systems Command released four mobile applications that put access to customized uniform, equipment and training information at the fingertips of every Marine. The apps were previously only available for Android, but are now available for iPhone users as well.

“We believe this is the most effective way to reach Marines of all ages and ranks,” said Lt. Col. Robert Bailey, product manager for MCSC’s Infantry Combat Equipment. “Mobile apps provide a ready means of access to the communication they need to ensure suitability of gear.”

Infantry Combat Equipment, the MCSC office responsible for providing body armor, clothing and equipment for Marine operating forces, developed the applications.

“The apps give Marines up-to-the-minute training and information on proper fit and maintenance of the systems of gear issued to them,” Bailey said. “This way, we optimize the effectiveness of the equipment and enhance the performance, capability, survivability and mobility of every Marine.”

The apps are:

USMC Org Wear Guide: This app supplements the Marine Corps Uniform Regulations (Marine Corps Order P1020.34g) detailing the authorized wear of Marine Corps uniforms, with the exception of some specialized clothing and equipment. Download now for iOS or Android.   

PdM ICE Video: This app contains training information, including videos to educate Marines on the proper fit, function, use and care of their Infantry Combat Equipment. Download now for iOS or Android.

PdM ICE Equipment: This app provides an overview of the components and features of the individual combat equipment fielded to Marines by PdM ICE. Supplemental training videos and training aids are available on the PdM ICE website. Download now for iOS or Android.

ICE Sleep Systems (Sleep Warm App): This app assists Marines in determining what gear is needed to sleep comfortably in the cold. It includes a decision making tool to determine the proper combination of cold weather equipment to protect against various environmental conditions. Download now for iOS or Android.

To learn more about these free apps, visit the PdM ICE website or email PDMICE@usmc.mil.