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Marine Corps begins fielding Amphibious Combat Vehicle December 11, 2020
Marine Corps will start fielding Amphibious Combat Vehicle September 28, 2020
Retired Marine Corps amtracker devotes a lifetime to the assault amphibian community January 7, 2020
Marines meet the makers of the Amphibious Combat Vehicle October 31, 2019
Fine-tuning the Corps’ ACV in preparation for IOT&E October 3, 2019
NETT Marines bridging the gap between the past and future of amphibious combat April 2, 2019
The Corps’ new Amphibious Combat Vehicle offers ‘significantly greater survivability, mobility’ than predecessor January 28, 2019
Marine Corps Systems Command awards contract to produce ACV June 19, 2018
Marine amtrackers put future vehicles to the test February 22, 2017