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Corrosion Prevention and Control (CPAC) Program Management Tool

This tool was developed by the CPAC Program Management Office to provide support to the using units in the management of a Corrosion Prevention and Control Program.

Comments or recommendations for improvement may be provided to CPAC.

NOTE: You must download the MEF-CPAC-PRGM-MGMT-TOOLv9.8 prior to importing MEF Master zip file. Download Instructions for database:

  1. Download the below file to your computer,
  2. Then extract the file using a tool such as WinZip. 

File updated: 29 July 2019

Program Download Size
MEF CPAC Program Management Tool MEF-CPAC-PRGM-MGMT-TOOLv9.8.zip 4,729 KB


Operating Instructions for the database:

  1. After completing the download above, 
  2. Then open the database that you saved to your computer
  3. When the “Update Required” dialog box appears follow the instructions to import the MEF Master table.

NOTE: If your internet connectivity does not support Step 3 from the operating instructions, then use the Alternate Download Instructions below.

Alternate Download Instructions for the MEF Master file:

  1. Create a folder named CPAC DATASHEETS in the following directory C:\Users\Public\Public Documents, 
  2. Then click the MEF Master zip file below, when prompted select "save as" to the CPAC DATASHEETS folder you created above, 
  3. Then click the "Import MEF Data Sheet" button located under "MEF UPDATE TOOLS".  When the “Update Required” dialog box appears, click yes, then select "Import from CPAC DATASHEETS" option.

NOTE: Do not unzip or rename the MEF Master zip file. 

File updated:  21 January 2020
Required Tables Download Size


Click the link to view the USERS-MANUAL.