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Bulk Fuel and Water Systems

Bulk Fuel and Water Systems Mission

Family of Expeditionary Fuel Systems (FEFS) is a family of systems line that contains highly versatile fuel systems designed to receive, test, store, transfer and dispense fuel in support of Marine Air Ground Task Force (MAGTF) operations. The family contains individual Table of Allowance Material Control Numbers which support MAGTF operations by providing all aspects of land-based fuel support to include analysis, receipt, storage, transfer and dispensing.

Family of Expeditionary Water Systems (FEWS) is a family of systems that contains items such as the Tactical Water Purification System (TWPS), Lightweight Water Purification System (LWPS), Expeditionary Water Distribution System (EWDS), Platoon Water Purification System (PWPS), Individual Water Purification System (IWPS), Forward Area Water Point Supply System, Pump Unit Set, Containerized Batch Laundry and Shower Systems.

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