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MCSC is participating in the Defense Logistics Agency Maternity Uniform Pilot Program in conjunction with their efforts to improve the Marine maternity uniforms in fit and longevity. In October 2020, the National Defense Authorization Act tasked the Defense Logistics Agency to carry out a pilot program issuing maternity-related uniform items to pregnant members of the Armed Forces on a temporary basis at no cost to the individual. The Marine Corps received funding in September 2021 to participate in DLA’s Maternity Uniform Pilot Program. The program began issuing maternity uniforms in March 2022. Read the article below for more information.

March 21, 2022

Maternity Uniform Pilot Program now available to Marine Corps officers

Starting this month, pregnant Marine Corps officers in the National Capital Region have access to maternity uniforms at no cost through a Defense Logistics Agency Maternity Uniform Pilot Program...

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Q: Why is the pilot program limited to the National Capital Region?
A: The NCR provides an ample sample size of eligible female Marines to determine needs for future program requirements.

Q: Why is this program for Marine Officers only?
A: Enlisted Marines currently receive a 604 Form and are issued a set of maternity uniforms at no cost. That opportunity is not available to officers.

Q: Which bases in the National Capital Region are included?
A: All personnel stationed within 100 miles of MCB Quantico are eligible for the pilot program.

Q: How long will the pilot program run?
A: The pilot program will run from March 2022 through March 2026.

Q: When will this opportunity be available to all female Marine officers?
A: The Program Office will take feedback from the pilot program and evaluate feasibility for a Marine Corps-wide program in FY26.

Q: Why do Marine Officers not receive a stipend for maternity uniforms?
A: Title 37, United States Code, sections 415, 416, and 417 prohibit an officer uniform allowance greater than the initial $400 upon initial entry to active duty.

Q: What uniform items are included in the program?
A: The pilot program includes the following items:

· Maternity Marine Corps Combat Utility Uniform (3 blouses/trousers)

· Green tunic (1)

· Service blouses (2 short and 2 long sleeve)

· Service maternity skirts and slacks (2 skirts and one slack)

· Service tapes (3 each)

· Later in FY23: Blue dress skirts and slacks (2 skirts and one slack)

Q: What identification and/or documentation do I need for pickup?
A: You will need a letter from your commanding officer stating you rate an allowance and your CAC for uniform issue.

Q: Why are the dress blues skirt and slacks not included?
A: The blue dress skirts and slacks are experiencing a delayed delivery due to COVID-19 and supply chain issues. They will be added to the pilot program in FY23.

Q: Do I need to pay for alternations?
A: Officers will pay out-of-pocket for their alterations.

Q: Where can I get alterations done?
A: Tailor shops local to MCB Quantico or tailor shops with TM 1020-15-18 Technical Manual for Uniform Fitting and Alteration for guidance may alter the uniforms. The tailor may not cut or otherwise permanently alter the uniforms.

Q: If I am coming to MCB Quantico for a class, can I pick up uniforms?
A: Yes, if you can access our Individual Issue Facility aboard MCB Quantico, you can participate in the program regardless of your official duty station.

Q: How long do I have to return the uniforms?
A: Uniforms are due for turn-in to the Individual Issuing Facility six months post-pregnancy.

Q: If I am no longer local to MCB Quantico post-pregnancy, how do I return the uniforms?
A: Uniforms can be mailed to the following address:

MCB Quantico Individual Issue Facility (IIF)
Consolidated Storage Program (CSP)
3169 Broadway Street
Quantico, VA 22134

You can mail the uniforms back through your unit’s Supply and Logistics or commercially at your own expense.



MCB Quantico Individual Issue Facility
3169 Broadway Street Quantico, VA 22134