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The CPAC Program Manager is responsible for the below listed Corrosion Prevention and Control related Technical Manuals. These manuals are available on the Marine Corps Publications Website at (Requires CAC to access site) https://mceits.usmc.mil/sites/pubs/default.aspx.  

CPAC Related Technical Manuals


Number Title and Purpose PCN Remarks
TM 4795-OR/1A  Organizational Corrosion Prevention and Control Procedures for USMC Equipment: April 2011            

Purpose: Provides instruction for Field Level Maintenance in controlling and preventing corrosion on Marine Corps equipment.
184 479500 00 Electronic Publication
TM 3080-50 Corrosion Control Procedures Depot Maintenance Activities for Marine Corps Equipment: December 1989            

Purpose: Contains instructions for applying corrosion wear prevention and procedures. Intended for use by depot level maintenance personnel.
182 030805 00 Electronic Publication
TM 4750-15/1A Paint, Coating, Underbody and Registration Marking for Marine Corps Combat and Tactical Equipment: February 2019

Purpose: Establishes policies and assigns responsibilities for painting, coating, camouflage pattern painting, registration marking, and specifies identification requirements for Marine Corps ground combat and tactical equipment.            

TM 4750-OD/1            
182 047500 00 Electronic Publication
TM 4750-OD/2 Camouflage Paint Patterns: November 2005

Purpose: Contains camouflage paint patterns for USMC peculiar tactical equipment only and should be used in conjunction with
TM 4750-15/1A.

Supercedes: TM 4750-15/2-1 through TM 4750-15/2-10
182 047501 00 Electronic Publication