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Training Systems


The Program Manager for Training Systems (PM TRASYS) is Marine Corps Systems Command’s executive agent assigned to manage acquisition and life-cycle support of Marine Corps ground training systems, devices, and training support services. Located in Orlando, Florida, PM TRASYS equips Marines with the most capable nonstandard ground weapon and information technology training systems in order to maximize their expeditionary readiness and combat effectiveness in all domains. We are a warfighter-focused organization which collaborates with DoD organizations, stakeholders, and industry to bring new and emerging technologies to the Fleet Marine Force at the speed of relevance in support of Combatant Commanders globally.

Business Office: 

12211 Science Drive, Orlando, FL 32826

Phone:  (407) 380-8244




Product Managers

The Product Manager for Synthetic Training Systems (PdM STS) provides training systems that immerse Marine elements from individual Marine to the Marine Expeditionary Force (MEF) in synthetic training environments. The training systems support multi-echelon training in command and control, tactical decision-making, operational planning and evaluation, combined arms, and fire support. STS enables the training of Marines in familiarity and functionality of their weapons platforms, individual and unit tactics, basic and advanced combat convoy operations, combat vehicle gunnery proficiency, motor transport tactical vehicle operator driving skills, and marksmanship training to enhance live fire performance, combat readiness, and the overall lethality of the force.

The Product Manager for Range Training Systems (PdM RTS) provides U.S. Marine Corps bases and stations with live force-on-force, force-on-target tactical engagement training and dynamic capabilities for real time and post mission battle tracking and after-action review. RTS directly impacts tactical training and the commander’s ability to meet mandated pre-deployment training requirements, which ultimately affects force readiness. In addition to concentrating on live, interactive simulations and ranges, RTS also provides support to more than 1,400 range training areas (165 are instrumented) across the Marine Corps enterprise - working hand in hand with Naval Facilities Engineering Command on military construction projects on range modernization efforts that require site preparation and simulator buildings that will house our simulators.

The Product Manager for Warfighter Training Support (PdM WTS) provides a geographically aligned mechanism for PM TRASYS to conduct contract surveillance and increase awareness of regional resources, relationships, and Marine Corps priorities linked to fielding and sustaining training systems. Emphasizing the warfighter-focused mission of PM TRASYS, WTS awards and manages contract actions which enable globally deployed Marines to take advantage of training systems supported by contracted logistics partners, software sustainment, knowledge-based service support, and other range training products and services that enable mission readiness.