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Acquisition MOS

Marine Acquisition Officers (MOS 8061/8059) are key to the entire systems acquisition process. They are accountable for taking requirements from concept exploration to deployment of an operational piece of equipment. Additional MOS 8057 officers are members of the acquisition workforce and assist in planning, directing, coordinating and supervising specific functional areas that pertain to the acquisition of equipment/weapons. Assignment of MOS 8058 identifies completion of statutory requirements for acceptance into the Defense Acquisition Corps (DAC). The MOS 8060 is a skill designator and recognizes the Acquisition Specialist as a member of the acquisition workforce.

This information should be used for career planning by civilian program managers and officers considering applying for the Marine Acquisition Officer MOS, as well as current 8061/8059 officers. The maps follow a likely progression of advancement throughout a Marine Acquisition Officers (MAO) career and are organized based on areas of functional expertise. These maps are representative and not restrictive in nature and intent. The information on this page may also be used by acquisition leaders to counsel and mentor junior officers.

A list of Marine Acquisition MOSs and current qualification requirements can be found in the latest version of NAVMC 1200.1A.

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