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Combat Support Systems
LCES equips and sustains the Fleet Marine Force with Engineering, Supply, Maintenance, Ammunition and Tactical Wheeled Vehicle systems and solutions to enable lethality.

Product Managers

Program Manager Ammunition supports all Marine Corps ground conventional ammunition, explosives and related items throughout their entire lifecycle. They provide operational logistics; supply chain and distribution management; maintenance and strategic prepositioning for Marine Corps ammunition worldwide.  Ammunition teams: Maneuver Ammunition & Missile, Close Combat & Combat Ammunition, Environmental and Explosives Safety, Inventory Management, Plans & Analysis, and Ammunition Acquisition & Operations.

Program Manager Engineer Systems provides full lifecycle support for Combat Engineer Systems, Explosive Ordnance Disposal, Power Systems, Environmental Control Systems, Bulk Fuel Systems and Bulk Water Systems.

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Program Manager Supply and Maintenance Systems provides a wide range of equipment and support including: Expeditionary Medical Systems (EMS), Shelters, Combat Field Feeding, Containers (S/CFF/C), General Purpose Tools and Test Systems - Calibration (GPTTS-C), Automatic Test Systems (ATS), and Corrosion Prevention and Control (CPAC).